Our Services

Our professionally trained staff are available to help with a full range of services detailed below.

Jewellery is a very personal thing and we all have our preferences whether it be what metal best suits us, Gold, Silver or Platinum, and the gemstones we like to wear. The owner of any piece of jewellery must be comfortable in it or there is no pleasure in owning that piece.

Often jewellery is bought for us and after a few years we leave it at the back of a draw forgotten. Sometimes items are passed on from relatives but the piece just isn’t right for you. This is where we at John Medhurst’s can help. We are very enthusiastic about the jewellery we sell but we are equally enthusiastic about renewing unwanted pieces. Our workshops have the necessary skills and experience to do just this. Our staff can help you decide on the designs you like and advise on the best use of what you have to get the transformation you need.

We also design bespoke jewellery creating an individual piece made just for you. There is nothing more exciting than knowing you are wearing a unique piece of jewellery.

Pop in to our showroom anytime for discuss your needs.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to check over your rings or other jewellery at any time to ensure that they last. We clean and polish them for you, so your items leave sparkling. This applies to items purchased with us and elsewhere. This is the perfect service for an up-coming event or special occasion.

Please note during busy periods on the day service may not be available.

Ring Re-sizing
Whether you need to go up or down in ring size, our staff can help you find the perfect fit. We can size white, yellow or rose gold as well as platinum and palladium.

If you have an old or inherited piece of jewellery that just doesn’t suit your tastes why not re-design it into something you will love and wear often. See our jewellery design section for more information.

Watch Servicing and Repairs
Our skilled workshops have the specialist ability to renovate your antique and sentimental pieces to enjoy a new lease of life whilst keeping their historic integrity. Replacement stones are carefully matched to maintain the value and the look of the original piece. Please note a complimentary estimate can be offered before proceeding.Maintenance
Whilst jewellery is long lasting, regular maintenance and care is required to ensure this. Items worn regularly can be susceptible to every day wear. Examples include, pulled claws or worn rhodium plating (white gold items only). We offer a wide range of maintenance and repair work to items including claw re-tips, new shanks, rhodium plating and replacement stones, giving your precious items the care they deserve.

From precious pearls to elasticated silver bracelets, we can offer a re-stringing service to keep your items safe and secure. Please note, we recommend re-stringing every 12 months if worn regularly or 18 months if occasional wear.

A traditional mantle piece clock, grandmother or grandfather for those who really want to make a statement, can become the centrepiece of any room. When carried out by trained professionals the service and maintenance of traditional clocks will keep them ticking for years to come. We are able to assist with every aspect of your traditional clocks life: purchasing, installation and maintenance.

Whatever your need we are able to provide valuations on items to facilitate the division or required sales. These can be organised with discretion at times suitable to you and are carried out on the premises by an independent N.A.G. – I.R.V. registered valuer.

Please contact us directly via telephone to discuss your individual requirements.